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Grand Junction Colorado is famous for its fantastic elk hunting and fabulous fishing, but did you know that it is also a wonderful place to visit? This Colorado town has a fraction of the population that Denver has, but it’s a place that has something for everybody from the sportsman to the non-sportsmen in your family.

If you choose to visit this hot spot during the summer than bring your swimwear and your rafting gear. This quaint city is home to the Colorado River and the Gunnison River. This is perfect for the members of your family who want to fish all day and the people who wish to brave the rapids. There are a number of companies that will take your wild family members on the ride of a dwell time touring the local river rapids. Not into fishing or braving the rapids no problem! Pembroke Pines Wildlife Removal is just around the corner which serves up extra summer recreation for everybody. They provide family favorites such as; boating, swimming, birding, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, jet skiing, sailboarding, picnicking, and water skiing to name just a few.

This city is for you too. Grand Junction Motor Speedway is 1 fun stop you can’t miss. Ride in one of the many go-karts and race other members of your family down this twisty and turning course that will leave everyone smiling. The speedway gives each driver a break down of their lap time so if your family is aggressive than this is for you. Not a racer but need to be outside then you have to have a look at the Botanical Gardens. This is a home to the wonderful Butterfly House. This is a small paradise with butterflies and over 600 exotic tropical plants from around the world. Enjoy a tranquil moment watching the fish, looking for the resident toads, turtles, or tree frog, or watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis.

Planning your trip in a colder time of year? Grand Junction does offers all of the winter fun actives for the non-hunter. With the Powderhorn Mountain spitting remote away your loved ones can go skiing, tubing, or just enjoy the snow. This mountain is full of resorts, lodging, and shopping for the non-skier as well.

This is still a popular spot for a family with everyone in mind downtown area filled with fun thing to do while others are out hunting elk. Grand Junction is famous for its wonderful food so why do you take your taste buds on a Food Tour. This tour is going to teach you about the culture and history of downtown Grand Junction while you meet some of the city’s most popular chefs and restaurateurs. Grand Junction Food Tours are presented every Saturday at 2.00pm, but private tours can be reserved if you’re not going to be in town on a Saturday. Not a foodie or a hunter no problem. Opened in 2005 that the Kannah Creek Brewing Company have three different brew pubs in the Grand Junction area, where you can enjoy exceptional Colorado craft beers and all-American food. The cool part is their beers are made with the pure, untouched snow-melt waters of the Kannah Creek.

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