Why Trusting Your Gut Is Imperative

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The count down is ON for the end of school around our house!! Anyone else feeling the excess busy-ness of what comes with the ending of school?! This year I had been a little more prepared, with being conscious in advance of what I was taking on work wise at this time of year. My intention was to be present for everything the kids have going on, and we’ve got a lot more of it this year with Jude finishing Grade 6. There are numerous parties and ceremonies to be had!

I almost talked myself out of doing it and I am so glad I did not. Our minds can be sneaky with trying to talk us to stuff. Read on to learn how to identify these important”instinctual” messages and how to trust them when your mind is trying very hard to convince you otherwise

This week I said yes to something I was having a strong gut feeling to not do. I knew exactly in the moment that this was a”gut feel” and the decision was a complete no. AND I still almost said yes! At least in the past the reason for not following it would be more around not knowing for sure if it was a”gut feel”, but I have come to learn fortunately what especially that feeling feels like. Even still, our ego can be so persuasive about doing the opposite with showing us all kinds of reasons not to trust our gut. Thankfully my husband has learned to trust my gut – maybe better then me occasionally – and understood as a result this also was a no. The world also supported us thankfully.

It will save time
It will save money or provide more money
It’s more comfortable to not say anything
It’s easier
Here’s the kicker though… it always comes back to bite us in the ass. Think about all the times you’ve said yes to something knowing it was not the perfect thing to do. It never works out how you want it thought it would. All those reasons I mentioned above, don’t pan out. Something happens to interrupt the arrangement / flow and it ends up causing a lot of drama and headaches instead.
We have to be strong!

Remember those experiences you’ve had when you try to talk yourself into it next time. Knowing it’s not worth it. It may feel glamorous up front, but rest assured it is going to end up in anything but glamour.

Let’s also get clear on what that feeling even feels like. Consider a time again when you knew deep down it was the wrong decision, but you did it anyway and it came back to bite you. Where did you feel that understanding in your body? Now clearly define the feeling (we’re going somewhere with this I guarantee ). What size is your feeling? Is there a colour associated with the feeling? Is the colour transparent or solid?

Where did you think part in your system? What size is your feeling? Is there a colour related to the feeling? Is the color transparent or solid?

Now you understand the difference.

The difference between what that instinctual knowing feels like, and what it feels like to talk yourself into it something instead.

When you have that gut feeling you must then practice expecting it. Follow the guidance knowing in case you don’t it will back fire.

Also know, that this is the same feeling you will have when the universe demonstrates how you can create your goals and dreams. You may experience and idea or opportunity and will”understand” this is the right way, even if your mind is trying to talk you out of it. It is all about taking that motivated action anyhow.

It is pretty cool.

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